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Mary AbbottSenior Design Technician

Having the ability to work on different projects and finding innovative solutions to complicated situations, while working with talented people that care about the work we do, is among the top reasons I have stayed here for so many years.
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Nick Rettenberger, AIA, NCARBArchitect

One of the most satisfying things for me is seeing a sketch come to life through the design process and seeing the client’s satisfaction with the final product. While every project is different, the one constant is our team always having the client’s best interests in mind.
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Cody Austin, PE, LEED APLand Development Team Leader

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Codi PutnamDirector of Finance

We have an annual all staff meeting that's a great team-builder event. Afterwards, you feel ready to get back out there and do great work for our clients!
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Troy WrightHuman Resources Manager

My favorite core value at Origin Design is “service.” Our employees are caring, dedicated, passionate, responsive and supportive of our clients, community and team. That inspires me to be better both personally and professionally.
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Marc Ruden, PEWater Resources Team Leader

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Nick Schneider, PEStructural Engineer

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Gertrude HeimerdingerDesign Technician

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Tasha PeacockAdministrative Assistant

Origin has brought a sense of community to my life that I didn’t know I needed. Every day I am presented with an opportunity to get involved and it feels good to be a part of something much bigger than just myself.
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Gabe BonnSurvey Technician

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Lauren Ray, PE, SEVP & Field Services Team Leader

My favorite of our core values is Excellence. We never compromise quality and we pride ourselves on being adaptable. Our people are true team players who’s egos don’t get in the way of bringing value to our clients’ projects.
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Mark NickolasField Survey Technician

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Patrick Sullivan, PEStructural Engineering Designer

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Andrew Busch, AIA, NCARBArchitect

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Andy Goedken, PECivil Engineer

The thing I enjoy most about working at Origin Design is getting to interact with a great group of people on a daily basis to help improve the communities we work and live in.

Our team meets the unique needs of our clients with creativity, talent and technical expertise. We plan, design, manage and deliver solutions. Together.

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Chris Becklin, PECivil Engineer

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Denny Waugh, PECo-Founder & Technical Advisor

When I retired in 2018, I felt really good about all the young talent here. It’s great to see them continue the success of the firm.
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Emily Crowe, PE, SEStructural Engineer

Ownership mindset is one of our core values. It means each of us is empowered to be solution oriented for the good of our coworkers, clients and the company. Good ideas come from everyone–not just those in leadership or with a lot of experience.
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Pat Ready, PEPresident & CEO

For 40 years, we’ve had the fortune of partnering with wonderful clients who put their trust in us. We don’t take those partnerships for granted and we continue to be thankful and humbled every time a client gives us the opportunity to serve them.
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Ken MasseyField Services Technician

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Karen WeberReceptionist/Administrative Assistant

My co-workers are knowledgeable and caring. And, the little things go a long way, such as employee activities, flexible work hours and company lunches. I’m proud to be a part of the Origin Design team.
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Jim BousleyMunicipal Team Leader

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Craig Geiser, PLSVP & Land Survey Team Leader

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Julie Neebel, PETransportation Team Leader

Since coming here in 1998, Origin Design has allowed me flexibility throughout my career, balancing the need for in-office time for mentoring and building corporate culture, while also raising a family at home. What has also kept me here is the talented and collaborative team I work with.
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Eric Helminiak, PE, SE, LEED APStructural Team Leader

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Steve Fuerst   Surveying Technical Specialist

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Isaiah YeagerField Services Technician & Engineering Designer

The family atmosphere here is extremely welcoming and I am grateful to work with such a great group of people.
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Angie MarekDesign Technician

Headshot photo of noah-hofrichter-fav-day1-02367.jpg

Noah Hofrichter, PECivil Engineer

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Laurie WehrspannAccounting Assistant

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible. It simply means that you have to work hard.
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Zach Thielen, AIA, NCARBArchitect

As a member of the Architecture Team, I enjoy working with our clients to deliver creative solutions. The most enjoyable part for me materializes during the early design process where we put pen to paper to help our ideas come to life and discover the best solution for our clients.
Headshot photo of Brian-Balser-Favorites-1.jpg

Brian BalserBIM/CAD Design Manager

One of my favorite things about Origin Design is that we are a boldly caring group of people. Regardless if you are a coworker, collaborator or client–we care about you and your success. And, we’ll back that up every day.
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Lynn NealSenior Design Technician

Headshot photo of FSAVschwarz-dave-day1-02056.jpg

Dave SchwarzSenior Design Technician

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Robin WalterSenior Project Support Specialist

It's very satisfying to work on a project from the design phase to completion. My favorite part of my job is the people I work with during projects—the design team, our clients and contractors.
Headshot photo of Tim-Tranel-Favorites-1.jpg

Tim Tranel, PEVP & Structural Team Leader

Headshot photo of Troy-Christianson-FAV-06922.jpg

Troy ChristiansonSenior Design Technician

Headshot photo of Amanda Kennedy - FAVrev.jpg

Amanda KennedyProject Support Team Leader

The best thing about my job is that there is endless opportunity to make an impact—on staff, the clients we work with or on projects throughout our community. All around, it is very fulfilling!
Headshot photo of Alex-Wiesbrook-rev.jpg

Alex WiesbrookCivil Engineering Designer

Headshot photo of nate-miller-day2-02559-Fav.jpg

Nate Miller, PEStructural Engineer

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Eldon Schneider, PEEnvironmental Engineer

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Lisa NelsenField Services Technician & Engineering Designer

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Nolan PetersonTechnical Specialist

Headshot photo of Rick-Turner-Favorites-1.jpg

Rick TurnerIT Manager

Headshot photo of Chris-Huseman-origin-field-staff-01796.jpg

Chris HusemanField Survey Technician

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Janet UrbainSenior Project Support Specialist

What I like most about working at Origin Design is the people I work with. Everyone is always willing to answer questions and take time to explain things in detail so I have a better understanding of the projects I work on.
Headshot photo of Courtney-Wand-Favorites-2.jpg

Courtney Wand, PE, SEStructural Engineer

Headshot photo of Katie-Rash.jpg

Katie RashCivil Engineering Designer

Headshot photo of jon-lutz-day2-02623-fav.jpg

Jon Lutz, PESenior Civil Engineer

Headshot photo of Alex-Kerr

Alex KerrCivil Engineering Designer

Headshot photo of Jonathon-Kline.jpg

Jonathon Kline, PECivil Engineer

Headshot photo of John_Tranmer-Favorites-1.jpg

John Tranmer, PLSProfessional Land Surveyor

Headshot photo of Morgan_Johnson-Favorites-1.jpg

Morgan JohnsonMarketing Coordinator

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Steve DriscollField Services Technician

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Will BiermanEngineering Designer

Headshot photo of mike-ruden-fav-day4-05110.jpg

Mike Ruden, AIA, NCARB, LEED APVP & Director of Architectural Operations

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Jeff BrummelSenior Relationship Manager

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Mat TownsleyArchitectural Associate

Headshot photo of mcneil-mike-day3-03278-FAV.jpg

Mike McNeil, AIA, NCARBSenior Architect

Headshot photo of Brenda-Ritt-A7R03380-fav.jpg

Brenda RittDirector of Marketing

Headshot photo of macy-Mislivecek.jpg

Macy MislivecekCivil Engineering Designer

Headshot photo of jeff-winter-origin-field-staff-01769.jpg

Jeff WinterSenior Field Survey Technician

Headshot photo of mark-fassbinder.jpg

Mark Fassbinder, AIA, LEED APSenior Designer

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Jackson DoyleField Services Technician & Engineering Designer

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Bryson Winsky, PECivil Engineer

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