Radium Treatment Facility.

Dyersville, Iowa

Radium Treatment Facility

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City of Dyersville


Dyersville, Iowa


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Delivering solutions to eliminate radium in from a Midwest community water system. 

The picturesque rural community of Dyersville, home of the famed Field of Dreams, is known for its proactive approach to maintaining regulatory and environmental compliance—especially where the health of its citizens is concerned. 

Like many Midwest communities, the City was experiencing increasing levels of radium in their deep drinking water wells. The City took action and sought assistance from Origin Design to assess the situation and develop a plan of action to address the issue.

The project included construction of a new water treatment building, including a 16 foot diameter package iron removal plant, an HMO chemical feed system, booster pumps, piping, metering, and electrical work.

project overview

Origin Design conducted an investigation of well 4 and completed a study to develop and evaluate alternatives for the City to address the radium issue. The study identified multiple alternatives to consider. The lowest cost alternative included construction of a new shallow well that would be blended with water from well 4 to reduce the concentration of radium.

The final treatment design consisted of a Hydrous Manganese Oxide (HMO) addition process for the removal of the radium. Following the treatment process, booster pumps were added to boost the treated water to the existing well 4 reservoir. Origin Design also incorporated a nitrification process into the radium treatment design to remove ammonia which would reduce the amount of chlorine needed for disinfection.

The project utilized funds from the Iowa State Revolving Fund program.

Origin Design provided environmental, structural and civil engineering services, as well as surveying and field services including material testing and inspection.