The Lincolnway Railport.

Clinton, Iowa

The Lincolnway Railport

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City of Clinton


Clinton, Iowa


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The Lincolnway Railport, located between Clinton and Low Moor, Iowa, expected to open the community to new business opportunities by providing mainline access to the Union Pacific Railroad.

The development of a new railport in eastern Iowa attracted new industry and jobs to the region and connected the community to a much larger world of economic growth. This milestone project was among the largest and most ambitious economic development efforts in the Clinton area in recent time.

The project began with the Origin Design team assessing feasible locations for a passing track and an industrial lead track. Origin Design also developed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Union Pacific (UP) Railroad and provided design and construction services for the track and associated structures. Throughout this collaborative project, Origin Design worked with City of Clinton, Clinton Regional Development Corporation and the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT).

project overview

The first phase of the project required two mainline connections. In this phase, Origin Design’s engineers designed multiple railroad drainage structures and an industrial lead track serving the Lincolnway Railport Industrial Park. While the first phase was under construction, the Origin Design team designed and developed a spur track to service the industrial park, including the park’s tenants: Rail.One and Nevada Railroad Materials (NRM). The Rail.One spur track included rails allowing for rail car maneuverability and access to the NRM facility.

Origin Design also performed the site designs for both facilities, including a comprehensive storm water analysis of each site and the industrial park itself. This analysis allowed for minimized land use for storm water detention through the development of a shared detention system.

The Lincolnway Railport Industrial Park is successfully functioning and in the process of procuring additional tenants that would require design and construction of a second arterial spur track.

This 26-acre Rail.One track includes 10,500 feet of constructed track, with subgrade constructed for an additional 4,000 feet of track. The NRM site spans 9,000 feet of constructed track across 18 acres.