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Specialized Surveys

Origin Design regularly works with our clients on specialized projects ranging from airports, railroad expansions, solar farms and more.

With our expertise and resources, we are able to customize our project delivery scope and provide various types of specialized surveys to the clients and communities we serve.

One type of specialized survey we perform involves coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Our clients often depend on us to conduct surveys required to receive a FEMA Elevation Certificate.

These federal certificates show the proper placement of a property in relation to base-flood elevation to assist in properly rating properties for flood insurance. 

Types of specialized surveys.

  • Airport surveys (FAA badged staff)
  • Control surveys for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) services
  • FEMA flood elevation certificates
  • FEMA letter of map amendments (LOMA)
  • FEMA flood hazard area interpretation
  • Railroad surveys (eRailSafe certified staff)
  • Solar farm surveys
  • Structure monitoring (buildings, bridges, walls, pavements)